Замена ремня безопасности Pontiac Firebird. How To 04 Grand am Gt Oil Change Light reset

How to reset your oil change light in a 04 grand am.. like and subscribe.
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Гирчев Гиви
i loved ur vids i laughed sso hard ur vid are cool my user is thomasdigger1
Will a 2DIN stereo will fit?
corolla 150-155 также идет по неровному асфальту. а если ехать на 20-30 км по неровной грунтовке то вообще раскачивается и выкидывает из седла. если учесть что солярис дешевле то неплохо.
выложите пожалуйста ссылку на бесплатную программу кариста!
In our country it is about 16000$ for power steering,ags and powerwindow
what a shit and irrelevant video
Jldi video daalo
Twitchy gauge tells the tale, I believe - one must be dumping more than the rest, and I think you've confirmed that with the test. WOAH, automotive poetry!  That was terrible. My apologies... :D I know there's always a twist in the automotive world, so I wouldn't be shocked if I was completely wrong on this. Love how stuff is built today. I had the same injectors in my '86 Grand Marquis for 29 years, 222K miles - all still good (replaced them because I broke the plastic pintle cover off of one). Guy who bought them on eBay tested them (guess he had a machine that could measure flow) - said only one of the 8 was 3% out of spec! Not bad.  Curiously enough, our '93 Volvo 940 looks to have identical injectors to the Merc.. I'll leave well enough alone on that one.  Patiently waiting for Part II... ;)
Hi Nick, a quick question, do I need to replace the crankshaft pulley bolt when reinstalling the pulley? Thanks!
And what happens when the entire truck gets stolen with all your guns still in it?
Awesome work...
Зелеков Лекс
Заклинило с двух сторон, с той которая не откручивается, ремень работает только на сворачивание, на разворачиваение нихуя, ... с ним 2 часа в ... новые куплю
Делано Володкевич
тундра виглядит гламурно. раптор более брутальный
А разве не дешевле купить с разборки целый руль с подушкой и кресла да и торпеду????
Still falling in love SNSD The Boys, never bore
Вали Наконешный
My 2013 Ford Edge Limited AWD detects other things than just cars and it’s always on the right side that the light comes on never the left. The left side works as normal but I think the right side is messed up or something
This car is not safe
Сымбат Фразайцев
and cuts off randomly like the bucking feeling. well a kickback.
заснул... скорее всего так и было
THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I have this exact car, exact stereo, exact problem...and I was able to fix it because of this video...THANK YOU!!!
US soldiers too weak..just that
Мошакин Ваня
Хорошо мегаспецам ездющим по асфальту рассуждать о пикапах!!Надо на зимнике сравнивать где нибудь в Якутии в минус 50 там Тундру больше уважают! Хотя если надежность не нужна и по асфальту в теплую зиму конечно раптор хорош!!
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